Some teenagers organize themselves to take their summer break time with productive activities. But many others spend the several vacation months to make vague. The parents of these boys and girls are desperate because they see that their children are wasting valuable time. And so they become quarrels and anger. But this situation can be avoided with good planning. Parents of teens should start thinking about how to encourage their child to take part in activities so that they do not waste their summer.

The first thing to do is to reject the argument of many boys and girls that they have worked hard during the school year and want to rest for the holidays. The summer is long and teens have time for everything. You can relax but also must have time to do productive activities. Work, improve their learning, reinforce the areas which have been weaker during the course or even start preparing for their future profession.
There are many possibilities to choose from:

Strengthen the areas in which it is looser. Although the school year has ended, a new one will begin at the end of summer. And we must bear in mind that as advances, studies are toughest. So if the teen has a problem with one or more of the subjects studied during the course, summer is an ideal time to reinforce them. An alternative is to look for a teacher to class during those months. But there are other cheaper options on the internet you can find resources, and in most cities, there are associations to support young people who can provide help for these cases. Teachers and school counselors are the great sources of information on these possibilities.

Find job. It is one of the most common and most useful activities for teenagers in summer. If you choose well, you can also provide entertainment, learning and spending money.


Take up summer sports. Many teens complain that when they reach high school, they no longer have time to practice sports like they used to. During the summer, there are no excuses. There is enough time to devote to sports activities. And in those months, sports can be simultaneous with a job. If boys or girls like sports, children can spend these months to work on campus or take part in sports associations dedicated to children ‘s sports. Sports activities also reinforce attitudes such as responsibility or discipline, which can be very valuable for your life.

Read and watch movies. A pleasant, rewarding and beneficial for summer occupation is to spend leisure time to literature and film. As one of the characteristics of most teenagers that is often chaotic in the organization, their parents can work with them to help them organize. Prepare before you enjoy summer vacation, prepare a list of books to read and movies to watch. It is a simple but very effective action. Ideally, parents and children look together, or with the help of teachers, books, and movies that are entertaining and bring something to the learning of boys and girls. And a good option to improve ties between parents and children is a global commitment to do it together. If you read the same books, watch the same movies, you can then discuss them, which will make the even more enriching experience. More tips for your family at

Things a teenager can do in summer

The arrival of summer is a problem for parents of some teenagers. Their children stay at home or go out with friends and do something else, and they despair because boys and girls do not take advantage of the time and also complain that they are bored.


To avoid this, you need to plan well the summer months. Find activities that help their training and keep them entertained. What can you do this summer:

  • Campamentos adventure. There are many associations that organize outdoor camps. Help your child find among them one that he or she like.
  • Social activism. If your child wants to get started in social activism, the right time is summer. Help him to look between those associations close to your house that come closest to what he wants to do: social volunteer work in a political party, collaboration with an association of immigrants … the possibilities are many.
  • Summer job. A very useful alternative for the summer is looking for a job for the holiday months. Also here the possibilities are numerous.
  • A new sport. If there is any sport that you like and that so far you have not practiced this may be the time to try.
  • Become lifesaver. Some organizations like the Red Cross offer courses to become lifeguards.
  • Programs in secondary school. Many high schools offer students for summer special programs. Investigate what your child offers if there is one that interests him or her.
  • Programs in college. Some Community Colleges and universities offer summer programs for high school students. Investigate with your child.
  • Theater. A good way to spend the summer is to enter the world of the stage. It may be in a camp dedicated to theater or may be in a group of fans that supports adolescents. Investigate what is available in your city.
  • Organize a book club – another great activity for the summer. A club of reading with friends provides many possibilities, and this activity is educational and enjoyable.
  • Organize a film club. If your teenager is into cinema, you can organize a film club for the summer with his friends. You should make a list of movies, find those movies and program activity. See good movies and discuss it later with the rest of the spectators is a very interesting activity.
  • Summer technology. If what interests your child is technology, find one like the Cybercamp. There are several companies that offer technology camp where they can learn to design computer games, web pages or the use of many other technological tools.
  • Learn to cook. If your child dedicates to cooking, help him to schedule it in the manner that they prefer.