What is the best meat  grinder on the market? If you are one of the people who like to secure good quality meat you will find this very useful guide to buying the best meat grinder. When choosing a product like this, you should make a comparison of meat choppers to buy the best for you.

Reasons to buy a meat grinder

The main reason for wanting to buy a meat grinder is to make sure you use ground beef that has the features you want especially regarding its origin, juiciness, tenderness, and fat.

Whether because you are scrupulous or because you care much your diet, this device is cheap and very useful.

Which meat grinder is better?

How much does a good meat grinder? They are not expensive, but there are different prices as there are different types and characteristics. Keep reading to find out about those most important when choosing between the options available in the market aspects.

Types of meat grinder

Manual meat grinders

This type of meat grinder is recommended for those who do not have a food processor and do not have to chop large quantities of meat. The capacity or speed of these devices depends on the model but it is important to have a system that allows you to set them to the table or kitchen bench for stability.

Accessories for food processors

The second type of meat grinder actually comes to accessories snacks that can be adapted to a particular food processor. Usually, there is no exclusive meat grinder to chop any ingredient. They usually have the advantage that they are cheap and that the minced meat can then be mixed with other ingredients in the same robot, on the other hand, there are many processors or robots that do not have this accessory.

Electric meat grinders

Finally, we have that are recommended for those who itch meat regularly and / or in large quantities. Best electric meat grinder have a higher price than manual, and usually, bring accessories to perform other functions such as preparing sausages.

Other considerations when choosing a meat grinder


The blades are usually cross-shaped, they are usually sharp and made of stainless steel. The function of the blade is rotated against the disc so that in this way the meat pique.

Input hopper

Depending on the size of the forage harvester, the inlet of the meat may be larger or smaller, some choppers even have a tray where you put the meat and you are directing it towards the inlet port using a kind of screw take meat to the blades.


They are especially important if you usually nibble a lot of meat or a regular basis. Some choppers have a tray to put the meat to be itching and have it at hand, and another tray for meat falling when pique.


The discs will be to determine how finely minced meat will be. Some choppers bring different disks for the person to choose how you want your meat chopped. Check question of good material, preferably stainless steel good quality.


The cover is very important for safety and to keep the disks and blades in place, try to close well especially when it comes to electric choppers.


This perhaps is one of the most important points when choosing a meat grinder, hygiene in an apparatus of this type is a priority because if remnants of raw meat on the discs, blades, or generally in the mincer colonies could be developed bacteria that is dangerous to health. It is, therefore, important that the main parts can be removed and if possible even that can be washed in the dishwasher or with hot water.


Some meat choppers can be used to chop other ingredients which give more value to it.

Other accessories and functions

  • Reverse Mode: a mincer have this feature allows if the meat is stuck to operate the reservation can resolve this situation.
  • Stuffer accessory: This accessory allows you to prepare your own sausages, sausages,sausages and other meat sausages mixing with other ingredients of your choice. This may even be very useful for people with allergies who need to be sure your meats do not contain certain preservatives or ingredients that can cause health problems.