Do you want a safe and demarcated place for your child? A pack and  play, maybe? What a blessing it can be. You have your hands free and your child has his own familiar playground. The choice of pack and play is great. So where do you look at when purchasing one?

In this article, I will give you some advice for buying the best pack and play.

New or Used

First, it is important to consider whether you choose a new or a used playpen. An advantage of a second copy is the price. Maybe someone still in the attic alone in your environment, you can take for free or for very little money. And many used playpens are offered on the Internet. The disadvantage is that you thereby usually have no guarantee and you have to watch yourself well on safety.

Most new playpens are adjustable in height. The base plate has two positions: high and low. The advantage is that you can use the box for longer and safely. From newborn to toddler. The high setting you use if your baby is still small and can not sit or may go up. Then the box is primarily a place for your baby to relax. The good thing about the high position is that you do not have to stoop so deep into the box to hold your baby. So it saves your back. Plus, your baby is not too close to the cold floor. Once your child can sit or are very mobile (crawling and pulling) you can do the bottom down and as a playpen of.


Most of the stalls which are new for sale, are not collapsible. The choice of a collapsible box is more limited. But if the box is not used daily or if you’ve got a lack of space than a folding box can be a good option. There are small collapsible boxes available, but also large specimens without soil.

Which you can put on the floor so as to define a portion of the space so your child can play safely. They can also be used to play together in several children. Because the boxes are easily collapsible, they are convenient to carry on vacation or on business. It is often thought that quickly shift collapsible boxes, but because they are equipped with an anti-slip material they are stiff and stable.

A pack and play on wheels

A playpen with wheels is easy to move. It’s nice for you to have your baby close to you, wherever you are. And this way you move the box to where you want to have at that time, whether it’s in the kitchen, garden or living room. Tasty flexible. During vacuuming, as you roll him easily get away.

You have variants that you buy directly with wheels underneath, or with loose wheels that you can screw among themselves. Note that you can lock the sturdy wheels (with brakes) so that the box can not roll by itself.

Pack and play with drawer?

Then there is the choice between a playpen with toys drawer or box without drawer. The advantage of a tray is of course that you can store stuff in. Fine, you always have wipes, diapers, and cream at hand.

Please note that you plenty of room for you in your home. It would be a shame if you can not or only partially open up the drawer because the bank or wall is in the way. One drawback is the price. A la easily cost € 100 extra. Think for yourself, so if you find it worth it. A cheaper alternative is, for example, a toy bag attached to the pack and play.

What material / color?

You playpens in not to overwhelm the store or online by all types and sizes, it is useful to think about the color of the pack and play. If you choose a basic color such as white or gray. Or customize a bright color better suits you and your interior. Also in terms of material, there are several possibilities. A box of wood is sturdy and looks robust, but remember that a wooden box is heavy and not easy to move.

Plastic boxes are light and often foldable.