The tent is packed again, the gas tanks are empty, the skillet is so crooked that he can remain here, and ladles are anyway lost in the tall grass. Still, I long not been able to handle all tips from readers. What I had like Joost Bijlsma a fried egg on the hood (the ultimate holiday). Cheese fondue is not also featured, while Erna Hegeman still sent some intriguing hint: “The fondue first prepare the camping stove, meanwhile Find two bricks (or borrow and put back), tea lights underneath and cheese fondue barbecue

The locations are always something special. They are, for example, located in a vineyard, in a castle on a lake or a farm. So I came to my search on the internet, among others glamping at a zoo with African and Asian animals, a tent hotel where you can rent a rotating house that you can rotate the direction of the sun and a cube-shaped tent with a dome in the roof so you can watch the stars from your warm bed. Does it Seem to you what? Just look at Google Briefly: glamping, pink, tender or warm the bed.

Sleeping bag: Also I completely forgot to à la Let de Vries agreed to pour the cooked pasta with a lingerie net, and I have not cooked soup of nettles around the tent, as Rik Jan van Hulst suggested. The pizza bread from the pan Coby Visser is still awaiting execution, like the stuffed pancakes Gea Evenhuis. And damn, I have not once used the sleeping bag, while many a reader has pointed me there anyway. As Lisbeth Starting, “Rice, pasta, potatoes, and vegetables briefly cook your camping Gase and then wrapped up warm further let yarn in your sleeping bag. With any luck, your sleeping bag still a little warm when they’re slips into evening. And it never lights up in bed now! ”

Sleeping mats cool tip: That’s just the way it is. Next year I will have to go camping again. I also decided to go try out Cees Hoffmann Sleeping mats cool tip: “It can be boiling inside the tent, but the ground is cold and sleeping mats and sleeping bags insulate. Ideal for butter, cheese, wine, and beer. Only careful not to accidentally sit on the bed with the food underneath “But before I camp their tail swing quickly still get something with the barbecue because it does not even come from so far in this series.

Camping meal ideas: fish packets from the BBQ

Needed for four people:

Four fillets at ± 175 g (white fish or salmon or whatever the local market but)
1 zucchini
200g cherry tomatoes
Two garlic cloves
1 lemon
few sprigs of fresh thyme
a drizzle of olive oil
if necessary. One glass of white wine
salt & pepper

Lay four large pieces of aluminum foil ready. Cut the zucchini into thin slices or handling the cheese slicer. Put in a large bowl. Cut the cherry tomatoes in half and chop the garlic. Put together with a dash of olive oil, salt, pepper and if you have some loserish thyme also leaves in that bowl. Toss lightly together and spread over the foil sheets. Sprinkle the fish around with salt and pepper and place in the vegetable. Put on each fish a slice of lemon. Gourmands also pour a dash of wine. Fold the packages carefully closed, first from above, the two sides. But not too tight, there must be some space for the steam that will arise from within. Package vouwenBak they ± 15 minutes on the hot grill, slightly longer at all thick steaks or rather extinguished fire.


• Use vegetable garnish which is quickly cooked. Also, think of spring onion, mushrooms, thin strips of peppers. Beans, leek, and carrot slices are also tasty, but they take the time to be blanched for a few minutes in boiling water.

• Variation: Replace the tomatoes with those delicious semi-dried tomatoes in oil. What Capers is fine. Or olives, to the entirely Mediterranean.

• Let everyone especially the rickety camping table itself unfolding its package. The scents are released.

• Another home? It may be also in the oven. Fifteen minutes at 200 degrees.

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