Are you calling yourself a wine lover? It is impossible if you have not been to one of these places where wine dominates all drink. Every year, there are thousands of people visit these places for their wine. Which is the best for you? Keep reading

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is, without question, the most chosen destination for wine lovers worldwide. With its breathtaking scenery, green hills. It is scented by lavender sunsets in framed film which is difficult to describe in words the beauty of this region of northwest Italy.

From Florence, the cultural capital of the world, to the Tyrrhenian coast, there are more than 30 picturesque villages worth visiting. Visitors will find comfort, exquisite cuisine and, of course, excellent wines along the way.

With its castles converted into warehouses or units (or both), Tuscany is an idyllic destination to travel with friends and enjoy a romantic holiday, washed down with exquisite Chianti and Mediterranean cuisine.

Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand

Hawke’s Bay is a bay located on the east coast New Zealand. This unknown gem for many travelers. It has a history of over 100 years of winemaking, making it the country’s oldest wine region. Heretaunga , as the Maori call this region, boasts its reputation as a producer of high-quality red wines. With more than 70 wineries spread across the landscapes of plains undulates converging on the sea, it is an ideal place to visit thanks to its mild climate and large ink spot.


Most wineries are in the family area and offer an authentic experience for boutique tourists that run along the wine route Hawke’s Bay. Summer is the ideal season to visit these lands since the regular tasting tours and a full agenda of cultural activities and entertainment, including concerts in wineries, award ceremonies, and wine auctions add.

Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, and Merlot are excellent choices to enjoy in Hawke’s Bay and, and for lovers of wine.

Bordeaux, France

Another classic destination that can not miss on the wish list of wine lovers is Bordeaux. Located in southwest France, Bordeaux is home to the winemaker’s most prestigious wines and synonymous with luxury. It is the magical bond between an unmissable wine tourism destination and a city with such exceptional places that have been declared World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Renowned for its vineyards since the eighteenth century, Bordeaux is the birthplace of the five red wines Premier Cru, the most famous and expensive in the world.

Do we need more reasons to visit this land? Well, Bordeaux has much more to offer. From the harbor to the Cathedral of St. Andrew, its dozens of monuments, squares, and theaters make the streets of the “Pearl of Aquitaine” outdoor museum.

Sonoma, United States

Back in the New World of wine, Sonoma is the perfect destination the most restless travelers, who not only want to enjoy the scenery of vineyards and typical tastings but also crave for a vibrant and intense stay.

The temperate climate of Sonoma and its proximity to national parks make this county in the ideal place for lovers of adventure and outdoor activities place. Ecotourism, trekking, kayaking and wildlife watching are just some of the activities to enjoy during the day. For those who prefer relaxation, there are excellent options in luxury “villas” with wonderful views of the Pacific coast.

Sonoma is distinguished by its microclimate and terroir, making it one of the most diverse and special wine regions of the world. Visiting these fertile valleys, you can not help but taste the Pinot Noir, Rosé, and Chardonnay. And, of course, the Zinfandel.

Stellenbosch, South Africa

The most important wine region of the African continent is, without a doubt, an inevitable destination in this return to the oenological world. To the surprise of many, it not only is the route of South Africa ‘s oldest wine but also has an extensive Stellenbosch wine tradition. The expertise to make wine came to this fertile land from the hand of the first French immigrants, fleeing religious persecution, settled in the region in the seventeenth century. Testimony of the time, the estate Boschendal is one of the oldest wineries that are still in operation in the world. Visitors are forced to walk oenophiles arriving in the country.

There are numerous reasons why this South African Pearl is one of the most favorite tourist places in the world wine adds. Just to mention a few more, the Mediterranean climate, its museums and unsurpassed opportunity to participate in a safari and live a wild adventure in the numerous nature reserves nearby, form a tourist attraction of great added value for wine lovers.


Regarding wines, the must to taste are the Chenin Blanc and Pinotage. The latter is the best choice for pairing with a dish bobotie, typical of South African cuisine.

Did you set the bags already? Not yet, because we have a recommendation. In South America, Uruguay is positioned as one of the most innovative and comprehensive destinations for wine lovers. Among vineyards, olive groves and mountains are just a few kilometers away from the coast. Bodega Garzón is the first sustainable winery built outside North America, showing the honor of being the first in the world seeking LEED certification. With efforts focused on the pursuit of perfection, offers an extraordinary experience to its visitors: high range wines born in the best terroir across the country, tastings, pairings, walks, and picnics, among other options. Therefore, before looking for your passport, we invite you to discover the wine tourism experience that Bodega Garzon has in store for its visitors.

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