Which vacuum cleaners to choose?

To simplify, there are 4 types of vacuum cleaners: vacuum sled (with or without a bag, so called because it drags the ground), the upright vacuum cleaner, the handheld unit and the robot vacuum cleaner. Though, on this article, we will only focus on upright and hand vacuum cleaners which are helpful for car cleaning and help you find down which one your best car vacuum is.

Upright vacuum

Wireless, the upright vacuum cleaner is much less bulky than the Hoover sleigh model. Its other advantage is that it is particularly pleasant to use: no need to look like a sleigh with a vacuum cleaner, posture is more natural and therefore more comfortable. A perfect choice for people with back pain or seeking comfort. And as it is a cordless vacuum, no problem with the power cable to plug / unplug, and that wraps around furniture. Its autonomy is however limited to 20 minutes maximum time depending on the model.

Hand Vacuum

The handheld unit is the smallest vacuum cleaners available in the market. It was originally called table vacuum since its first use was to clean the table scraps. But this extra use can be extended to other small cleaning as dust furniture, armchairs corner or inside a car. Most manufacturers provide this cordless vacuum with different tips to fit many types of surface. Depending on your needs, other types of vacuum (suction bucket) or suction system (central vacuum) will be more suitable.


The suction efficiency that best suits your needs

Since last year, vacuum cleaners for sale must have an energy label which clearly displays device performance. Are written include:

The overall energy efficiency

Determined from A to G, it evaluates the ratio of power consumption / suction efficiency (amount of dust sucked after 5 round trips). But beware: A vacuum cleaner does not necessarily consume more electricity than any other class device, but equal power consumption, it is more efficient. You mostly find class devices A.

The annual electricity consumption

With this indication, you know the power consumption of the appliance in kWh, calculated by use on a floor 87m2, and once a week for one hour. It is normally below 62 kWh for all vacuum cleaners, and more efficient consume only 30 kWh.

The dust emission class

Also rated from A to G, this information indicates the device’s ability to filter the air expelled after aspiration and thus to reject the least possible particles in the room. It takes into account the tightness of the vacuum cleaner, the quality of the filter and the bag (for models with). Some devices automatically have a HEPA filter, which is especially recommended for allergy sufferers, asthmatics and more demanding, since it can filter up over 99.8% of air particles.

Sound level

Expressed in decibels, the noise level indicates the intensity of the noise produced by the machine.

Cleaning performance on carpet and carpet

Rated from A to G (A being the best), this class provides information about the suction efficiency of the device on carpets and carpet-type surfaces. Some devices may not be suitable for this type of soil, but it’s up to you if this class is important as the composition of your home.

Hard ground on cleaning performance

The principle is the same as the previous class except that the calculation is made on hard floors (tiles, parquet floors …).

the suction efficiency is evaluated by the output power, in Watts (W) and calculated from the depression of the device and the airflow. The first criterion, noted kilos Pascal (kPa), expresses the force to lift the dirt from the ground and transport it to the bowl. For hard floors, allow 20 to 35 kPa, and at least 40 kPa for carpets.
The air flow indicates the amount of air passing through the vacuum cleaner, in cubic decimeter per second (dm3 / s). A rate of 36 dm3 / s is the minimum for smooth floors, and for effective cleaning of carpets, push to 40 dm3 / s.
If you would not go much into the details, remember to choose a vacuum cleaner with the suction power is greater than 1800 W for single use, and up to 2400 W for a powerful vacuum.



Tips for battery care

You must first boot the donor car and leave it a couple of minutes before starting the vehicle exhausted. Once the downloaded motor vehicle is running, remove the clamps disconnecting the negative pole of the battery charged and then the discharged first. Then positive in the same way. Finally, the car circulates at least one hour to allow time for the alternator to recharge the best car battery.

Winter is the hardest time for the batteries. If the thermometers drop below zero degrees, it loses much of its performance. If water is containing freezes to minus 20, for example, energy efficiency is reduced by half. So, ideally park in a garage, but as this is not always possible, you must identify the elements that electricity consumed to minimize their use, in particular with the new engine running: the heated rear window, heated seats, radio

But if you will not take the car for some time, one of the tips that we can offer to take care of your car battery is only disconnected. So you do not find the downloaded when you get to use your vehicle. Nor would most try to keep the terminals clean, no rust, for what you should coat them with petroleum jelly or spray them with a special spray for this task somewhat more expensive, but more decent and equal to or more efficient. Modern batteries usually have no maintenance, but if those ancient, fill it with distilled water to the proper level. This will also prevent it before you download.

Tips for battery care: If it died, what now?

All your attempts to keep the battery life have failed. How do you detect? If you do not have an ammeter that measures the available cargo, you have done all the above loading process and the next day becomes empty, it is time to change the car battery. Go to a specialty store where you advise on the best in value and help you choose one that meets the specifications you need your car. And now how to change the battery in your vehicle?

Once purchased the new battery, you will need a wrench (usually) to remove the old one. Remove the negative terminal first. Never the other way around, as if electrolyte vapor and jump a spark can cause an explosion. After removing the cable from the other terminal, loosen the screw holding the battery to the car body and typically is attached to a plate which acts as a stop. Finally, remove the old battery and take it to a recycling center or collection point (beware better acid because it is very abrasive).

Tips for battery care: how to detect if it is dead

Symptoms: When you turn the key, the starter will be slower and will cost horrors get going. That if you do, because healthy will not want to boot.

Low battery

  • The diagnosis I: If this warning light goes off, the alternator is fine, and the problem probably is in the battery. At least, the solution is cheaper.
  • Diagnosis II: Measure the battery voltage with a voltmeter. At rest, it must be at 12.5 volts; if below, you need recharging
  • First aid: Place cables car battery (positive to positive, negative to negative) without the donor vehicle touch yours.

Roadside assistance

Alternative: Ask for help to push on the flat and straight (never in costs). In second and the clutch depressed, to pick up speed, release the pedal abruptly. So whenever your car manual if automatic forget it. Also, you should know that many manufacturers advise against starting the engine in this way.

Battery Maintenance

Caution: If the battery leaks fluid, a charger (from 30 euros) will help you regain strength. If this is not loaded, you have to change it.

Tips for battery care if my car has Start-Stop, what I have to do?

The car battery is the primary cause of most failures, or rather of the problems facing today’s automobiles. Well, it can not be said that the battery is the culprit. What happens is that there are new demands for electricity, such as is the case with the Start-Stop system. In many cases, even the so-called first batteries -AGM (Absorbed Glas Mat) and EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) – usually reach their limit, and that they are prepared to support overstrain subject to which new technologies.

When the battery of a car does not get enough energy, this power supplier is increasingly losing the load, until it is finally empty and unrecoverable. To not reach this point, manufacturers have devised a system of energy management in cars with Star-Stop. A device monitors the state of charge, the power supply regulates and adapts it according to the corresponding parameters. Thus, the car knows at all times the battery status and manages the voltage and load.

For this reason, more and more manufacturers require synchronization between the battery and the management unit when replacing it. In a workshop, thanks to a diagnostic device, can make the system detects a new battery and forget the previously recorded data. While, thanks to new technologies, it is also possible to complete this process of substitution from home with applications like Carly, which allow you to synchronize the control unit with battery, and also you can also report real-time issues such as the status of or the same amount of energy you are getting at all times.

Electric lawnmowers and maintenance tips

Electric mowers are more energy efficient than petrol mowers; that do not emit exhaust gasses; often they are lighter and more portable and create less noise. Technology is evolving electric mower but is no match for the power, reach and capacity bagging mowers gas. Lawnmowers last cutting vary, power amplifiers, weight, and features. For the same purpose, there are also self-propelled lawn mowers. View self propelled lawn mowers reviews.

Pros and cons of electric mowers

Electric mowers are more environmentally friendly than gas-powered mowers, but gas mowers can cover more area, faster, and usually with better cutting results. Electrics are easier to store because, unlike gas mowers, can be stored safely inside. And with no fuss electrical fuel or oil. But gasoline mowers have the advantage when it comes to dealing with large meadows and tall grass.

A disadvantage of electric lawn mowers is the limitation posed by electrical wires and batteries. A cable can only stretch up to 100 feet, and can become entangled with trees and plantations, or be cut by the mower blade. Battery powered electrical lawnmowers cut by only 45 to 60 minutes before requiring a recharge.

Cost concerns

While you can find some gasoline mowers low cost for about $ 100, electric mowers start at about $ 200. Because power is almost a niche product, it may be harder to find parts and service for them.

Waste Lines

Electric mowers are better at cutting modes discharge side, and I bagged chopped. Some models bag attachments are prone to an imbalance due to the cutting of lightweight design.

Against all odds

Electric mowers usually cut a thin strip of grass mower gasoline does. This adds to the time of his task of mowing. A brand, Earthwise, has a cutter with a 20-inch piece, almost as wide as gas mowers typical. But most electrical have smaller cutting pieces.

At the height

Unlike many gas mowers, cutting height adjustments electricity one wheel at a time, a definite annoyance is performed. And if the grass gets high, do not try to cut it with power – they lack the ability to cut tall grass.

Safety first

Follow the same safety precautions with any mower engine: Make sure children and pets are away from the lawn when mowing. Do not mow when the grass is wet. Keep hands and feet away from the deck when the blade is in motion.

Unlike gas mowers, however, you may not need to wear ear protection while using an electric. They are significantly quieter than gas mowers.

How to maintain an electric lawn mower

Electric mowers have long been considered as poor substitutes for their brothers with a gas engine – but thanks to recent innovations – electric mower today offer more power, durability, and performance that can rival mower gas much more expensive. Also, the use of electric mowers can help reduce their carbon footprint as gasoline mowers are one of the biggest contributors of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Here are some simple tips for maintaining an electric lawn mower – mower follow and provide reliable service and excellent results year after year.


1. electric lawn mowers come in two variants: wired and wireless. Before attempting any maintenance on one or the other, you must first either unplug the power cord from the mower or remove the safety key (on a wireless model).

2. Cleaning under the mower is one of the most important things you can do to keep the cutting blades efficiently, and the mower is working properly. Use a spatula to scrape any accumulated grass and debris.

3. While you are under the mower, take a few minutes to review the blades. Make sure the leaves are still tight and sharpen them if needed.

4. Turn the mower on the right side up. Take a damp cloth and wipe the whole body of the mower. Do not use a damp cloth too; Wash it all down and tap out before use.

5. If you have a cordless electric lawn mower, then it is essential that you take good care of the battery. If the battery is completely drained during use, you can run the risk of damaging the battery. Charge the battery before I die. A replacement battery for an electric mower is not cheap, so pay attention to your battery life!

6. When it comes time to store your electric lawn mower, do it in a place that is completely protected from the elements. Never leave the machine in the rain or snow.

7. Remove the battery from the electric mower when storage at the end of the season. To keep the battery drain slowly during the winter, which ultimately can damage it, maintain the battery connected to a charger, so you always have a positive charge.

Usage Tips for your mattress

If you maintain a good mattress, it lasts longer. Therefore, we give you a few precautions. We also tell you what you can do with your old mattress, for example, to add the best memory foam mattress topper.

Content of this article:

  • Maintaining your mattress
  • You discard mattress
  • Tips to prevent mites and mold
  • Odors at a new mattress

1. Maintaining your mattress

A good mattress should last for at least 8 to 10 years. With proper maintenance can extend the life of your mattress. It is good to turn your mattress 1 or 2 times a month for a proper distribution of the load on the mattress. Both of foot to head end as from bottom to top. Please note that not all mattresses can be slept on both sides.

  • Provide a well-ventilated bed base. The soil should release at least half of the mattress.
  • Fold your mattress never quite duplicate. This damages the inside of the mattress.
  • Choose a mattress with a mattress cover that you can wash in the washing machine. Or can you not want this?
  • Remove stains with a stiff brush (check the product information or can) or a stain remover suitable for furniture and mattresses. Let wet spots first completely dry before you again oldest the mattress.
  • The best way to remove dust mites is to wash the mattress cover at 60 ° C. Can you or can not wash the ticking? Vacuum the mattress at least one time per month thoroughly. Note: some manufacturers do not recommend vacuuming the mattress. Sale therefore with allergies never a mattress that can not be washed or cleaned.

2. You discard mattress

Every year some 1.5 million abandoned mattresses. By far burned most of them. That’s a loss of resources and waste of energy.

But there is an alternative. The company RetourMatras Lelystad recycles about 200,000 mattresses annually. Overall, it can be re-used 70 to 95% of the mattress. The only condition is that a mattress should be dry if you trade him.

RetourMatras has no mattresses on pensions. But at the church yard, shops and institutions that consume a lot of mattresses, such as health care and parks. On the RetourMatras website states that municipalities, stores and schools recycle mattresses at RetourMatras.

3. Tips to prevent mites and mold

Insects and fungi love an environment where it is moist, warm and dark. Keep things clean and fresh is essential. You can do this in the following ways:

  • Air your room and bed every morning.
  • Choose a mattress that is not too much to hold the heat. The mattress never even as these mattresses are shown as ‘cold’ or ‘neutral’ mattress.
  • Choose a mattress that scores well in our comparison on ventilation.
  • Choose a well-ventilated bed base. As a rule, you can say that the soil should keep at least 50% of the mattress.
  • Choose bedding made of natural materials such as cotton.
  • Wash all the bed materials at 60 ° C, including the ticking. Can the ticking not wax? Vacuum him at least one time per month thoroughly.
  • Are you allergic? Then down not always the best choice. Better to choose a synthetic duvet. Today, these same cleaning properties as a comforter and are much easier.
  • Avoid dust in the bedroom. Opt for hard floors and blinds, shades or Luxaflex the windows.
  • Vacuum the room regularly – even under the bed – and keep pets outside. See the best vacuum cleaners from dust allergy.
  • Put any extra pillows, stuffed animals or other dust collectors as decoration on the bed.
  • In children choose toys that you can wash at 60 ° C, or place them once a month for 48 hours in the freezer.

5. Odors at a new mattress

A brand new mattress is often a scent. This can be caused by anything: the glue, the materials used, etc. In one mattress is the smell stronger or worse than the other. However, from our tests show that all odors over time disappear.

To counteract the smell can be the mattress is best a few days airing upright instead of him to be used right away. Failing that, give the mattress as much as possible the opportunity to vent on the bed by the daytime to pick up the bedding, so including the fitted sheet and the flannel, and to leave open the window of the bedroom. Do this as long as you continue to smell the mattress.

How to choose a location for bivouac tent?.

Some nights are more fun than others, the choice of a place, the best camping tents and a location is one of the conditions for a successful camp!

Here are tips that we have selected:


Make sure you have the right to pitch your camping tent in the space provided. National parks, private property, etc., legislation exists, it will avoid seeing dismantle your tent to sleep elsewhere…

  • Consider potential herds of animals (cows, sheep, goats, etc.) that can come in the morning and grazing in peace.
  • Install your camping tent in a place sheltered from the wind. Avoid basins where rainwater can accumulate.
  • Do not pitch a tent at exposed or dangerous locations such as gorges, beneath high cliffs, in an avalanche slope, under seracs near a stream fed by a glacier, etc.
  • Trying to find a location that easily takes the sun until late at night and / or early morning. It is always nice to be slowly warmed by the rising sun.
  • Trying to find a flat location to prevent the inflatable mattress and / or sleeping bag from slipping
  • Flatten the site and remove any sharp object that could damage the tent floor. To protect the floor of the tent, you can use a plastic tarp or space blanket.

If you plan to stay in one place for more than one night, think about installing your tent in the shade UV rays which accelerate aging of fabrics and coatings.

Because of fire and choking hazards, it is not recommended to cook in the tent. If we have no choice, ensure that the air supply is sufficient and install the stove as far as possible from the walls of the tent.

Bivouac in the mountains

Depending on the season, we will choose a tent 3 or 4 seasons. Wherever possible, we will take care to choose a location away from any risk (rock falls, avalanches, seracs fall, thought of a stream, etc.)

In the mountains, do not forget to wear all your gear for hours. It is therefore recommended to choose a lightweight tent.

The weather can be very changeable in the mountains, it is better to have a quick and easy to install tent.

According to the proposed field, we will also make sure the surface of the tent to the ground: not always easy to find enough flat surfaces.

The winds and storms can suddenly get up and blow various directions. In this case, forms of tent “geodesic” and “tunnel” will be favored.

Your camping tent near rivers and lakes

It is often recommended to bivouac near a water point: hydration, preparing meals, etc. It’s more convenient than walking 30 minutes to the front…

But beware: the proximity of water can cause abundant condensation in the tent, especially in the morning. Remember to ventilate enough tents.

In warm weather, mosquitoes can be a hassle if we camp near rivers and lakes. It may be convenient to use mosquito nets that maintain good ventilation.

Sleeping in tents in arid areas (deserts)

If sleeping in tents in the desert or in other dry and mineral regions, there may be a lot of sand and dust, which particularly damages the zippers. To repair stubborn zippers, clean them with a toothbrush and a little silicone spray.

For optimum ventilation, the tent should be tight.

If the wind and rain are not the party, and if it is hot, you can install only the inner tent of some tents. This takes advantage of optimal ventilation while being protected from mosquitoes, other insects and even a snake or a scorpion.

Bivouac when it rains

Dig around the tent a groove 4 to 5 cm in depth allowing water to store and discharge through the ground. This will prevent unintentional runoff into the tent.

Ensure that the external fabric of the tent is watertight (no gaps) and check for leaks at the seams.

A double wall tent has the advantage of better ventilation. It reduces condensation and the inner tent stays dry.

Important: the outer tent should be tight when it rains. This prevents contact between the inner tent and outer tent and ensures good ventilation.

Author: Richie Tran – Family Tent Center

All about spray painting

Advantages of paint sprayer

These tools provide a fabulous help for painting jobs. It changes the appearance of a piece of furniture in a few minutes, and finished professional quality, it is a simple task that is mastered to perfection in a few sessions.

The expert says paint sprayer is very practical for DIY jobs. They operate with a hot air turbine that makes very little paint mist.
Therefore, the enamel is printed in thin layers and no dripping, no ‘off-hook’ as professionals say Less product covers the surface well.
so we have several very significant advantages: time, quality and savings.

The paint spraying guns – The ideal tool for painting large surfaces

This is a tool that can quickly paint a large area. Function as sprays, it ejects paint to the surface very quickly.

What are they for

It is one of the ideal tools for painting large surfaces. Although it may be somewhat difficult for initial use, it is a fact that every artist wants to try.


– The pressure, as it can cause the gun control is lost. gun
– Always wear a mask and goggles. You avoid many problems.

Did you know

– Not all paints are suitable for spray painting. In many cases, it is necessary to dilute with solvent before applying them.
– Outside is advisable to use the gun when not windy.
– To paint inside is important to properly ventilate the room.
The most commonly used compression pistol and air pistol: compression gun
– Pistol compression. It is the easiest to handle. It consists of a compressor, a reservoir for the paint and the gun itself, where you pass through the spray paint. The compressor function is to absorb air, compress it and make it through to the gun. There are some models in which the compressed air passes to an intermediate reservoir between the compressor and the gun.

– Airless. It is best suited for very large surfaces. It consists of an electric pump, a reservoir for paint and spray gun. The electric pump is connected with a tube in the paint reservoir. Once activated the tube collects paint goes a hose, with high pressure, to a filter. There passes a pressure regulator that is controlling the spray pattern.

Paint with gun

Paint spray gun is a regular coat of paint on surfaces or objects with complex or irregular shapes (radiators, blinds, fences, garden furniture, trolleys, etc.). This spraying is carried out either by a high-pressure pump suction or by projection by means of compressed air: the higher the pressure will be higher the number of drops that make up the cloud of paint; well, the end result will be better.

It is an autonomous, portable and lightweight unit. The pressure varies depending on the power of the appliance:
* Power: 40 or 120 watts.
* Pressure: 100 or 180.
* Flow: 270 or 350 grams / min.
* Use: facades, walls, garage floors, ceilings, etc.

The more sophisticated guns are supplied with different spray nozzles are used depending on the density of the paint, and are equipped with an electronic regulation system stream.
They are different accessories may be adapted, for example, a flexible extension floor or ceiling, a density meter, viscometer immersion, etc.

The airgun

It’s a paint gun that adapts to an air compressor. The compressed air reaches the compressor to the gun through a hose. This system does not require strong pressure (0 to 10 bar.).
* Use: superstores and jobs that require a high-quality finish, for example, car bodies

TOOLS NEEDED • stun gun or air pistol with compressor • Spray nozzles, depending on the type of paint (indicated by the manufacturer) • viscometer or precision hydrometer • Painting

Look for the airless paint sprayer reviews on the internet.

Tips for spray painting

Surely, almost all of you have ever painted. However, it has probably been the traditional way, with the help of the typical brush or roller. Luckily, DIY ideas advance by leaps and bounds and long we can avoid the arduous task of helping us paint a paint gun, also we will save some time.

I spray painting is easy? How should we do? First, we must know that there are two types of paint guns: electrical and compressed air. Regardless of that we choose, we must read the instructions before handling the gun so we know what type of paint we use, the quantity and density.

Once we have all the data, we can start painting. The first is to protect the furniture, in the same way, we would if painting with a brush. To use the gun, we must situate about 25 centimeters from the wall. To apply the paint must do it vertically and then horizontally. If we want a perfect finish it is to own several layers.
Paint through the gun is the easiest way to paint walls and complex surfaces with many curves. Before painting, we must protect with gloves and goggles as the pressure can reach us easily. Undoubtedly, it is a very simple way of painting in less time.

Criteria when choosing baby pack and play

Do you want a safe and demarcated place for your child? A pack and  play, maybe? What a blessing it can be. You have your hands free and your child has his own familiar playground. The choice of pack and play is great. So where do you look at when purchasing one?

In this article, I will give you some advice for buying the best pack and play.

New or Used

First, it is important to consider whether you choose a new or a used playpen. An advantage of a second copy is the price. Maybe someone still in the attic alone in your environment, you can take for free or for very little money. And many used playpens are offered on the Internet. The disadvantage is that you thereby usually have no guarantee and you have to watch yourself well on safety.

Most new playpens are adjustable in height. The base plate has two positions: high and low. The advantage is that you can use the box for longer and safely. From newborn to toddler. The high setting you use if your baby is still small and can not sit or may go up. Then the box is primarily a place for your baby to relax. The good thing about the high position is that you do not have to stoop so deep into the box to hold your baby. So it saves your back. Plus, your baby is not too close to the cold floor. Once your child can sit or are very mobile (crawling and pulling) you can do the bottom down and as a playpen of.


Most of the stalls which are new for sale, are not collapsible. The choice of a collapsible box is more limited. But if the box is not used daily or if you’ve got a lack of space than a folding box can be a good option. There are small collapsible boxes available, but also large specimens without soil.

Which you can put on the floor so as to define a portion of the space so your child can play safely. They can also be used to play together in several children. Because the boxes are easily collapsible, they are convenient to carry on vacation or on business. It is often thought that quickly shift collapsible boxes, but because they are equipped with an anti-slip material they are stiff and stable.

A pack and play on wheels

A playpen with wheels is easy to move. It’s nice for you to have your baby close to you, wherever you are. And this way you move the box to where you want to have at that time, whether it’s in the kitchen, garden or living room. Tasty flexible. During vacuuming, as you roll him easily get away.

You have variants that you buy directly with wheels underneath, or with loose wheels that you can screw among themselves. Note that you can lock the sturdy wheels (with brakes) so that the box can not roll by itself.

Pack and play with drawer?

Then there is the choice between a playpen with toys drawer or box without drawer. The advantage of a tray is of course that you can store stuff in. Fine, you always have wipes, diapers, and cream at hand.

Please note that you plenty of room for you in your home. It would be a shame if you can not or only partially open up the drawer because the bank or wall is in the way. One drawback is the price. A la easily cost € 100 extra. Think for yourself, so if you find it worth it. A cheaper alternative is, for example, a toy bag attached to the pack and play.

What material / color?

You playpens in not to overwhelm the store or online by all types and sizes, it is useful to think about the color of the pack and play. If you choose a basic color such as white or gray. Or customize a bright color better suits you and your interior. Also in terms of material, there are several possibilities. A box of wood is sturdy and looks robust, but remember that a wooden box is heavy and not easy to move.

Plastic boxes are light and often foldable.

How to choose the best meat grinder.

What is the best meat  grinder on the market? If you are one of the people who like to secure good quality meat you will find this very useful guide to buying the best meat grinder. When choosing a product like this, you should make a comparison of meat choppers to buy the best for you.

Reasons to buy a meat grinder

The main reason for wanting to buy a meat grinder is to make sure you use ground beef that has the features you want especially regarding its origin, juiciness, tenderness, and fat.

Whether because you are scrupulous or because you care much your diet, this device is cheap and very useful.

Which meat grinder is better?

How much does a good meat grinder? They are not expensive, but there are different prices as there are different types and characteristics. Keep reading to find out about those most important when choosing between the options available in the market aspects.

Types of meat grinder

Manual meat grinders

This type of meat grinder is recommended for those who do not have a food processor and do not have to chop large quantities of meat. The capacity or speed of these devices depends on the model but it is important to have a system that allows you to set them to the table or kitchen bench for stability.

Accessories for food processors

The second type of meat grinder actually comes to accessories snacks that can be adapted to a particular food processor. Usually, there is no exclusive meat grinder to chop any ingredient. They usually have the advantage that they are cheap and that the minced meat can then be mixed with other ingredients in the same robot, on the other hand, there are many processors or robots that do not have this accessory.

Electric meat grinders

Finally, we have that are recommended for those who itch meat regularly and / or in large quantities. Best electric meat grinder have a higher price than manual, and usually, bring accessories to perform other functions such as preparing sausages.

Other considerations when choosing a meat grinder


The blades are usually cross-shaped, they are usually sharp and made of stainless steel. The function of the blade is rotated against the disc so that in this way the meat pique.

Input hopper

Depending on the size of the forage harvester, the inlet of the meat may be larger or smaller, some choppers even have a tray where you put the meat and you are directing it towards the inlet port using a kind of screw take meat to the blades.


They are especially important if you usually nibble a lot of meat or a regular basis. Some choppers have a tray to put the meat to be itching and have it at hand, and another tray for meat falling when pique.


The discs will be to determine how finely minced meat will be. Some choppers bring different disks for the person to choose how you want your meat chopped. Check question of good material, preferably stainless steel good quality.


The cover is very important for safety and to keep the disks and blades in place, try to close well especially when it comes to electric choppers.


This perhaps is one of the most important points when choosing a meat grinder, hygiene in an apparatus of this type is a priority because if remnants of raw meat on the discs, blades, or generally in the mincer colonies could be developed bacteria that is dangerous to health. It is, therefore, important that the main parts can be removed and if possible even that can be washed in the dishwasher or with hot water.


Some meat choppers can be used to chop other ingredients which give more value to it.

Other accessories and functions

  • Reverse Mode: a mincer have this feature allows if the meat is stuck to operate the reservation can resolve this situation.
  • Stuffer accessory: This accessory allows you to prepare your own sausages, sausages,sausages and other meat sausages mixing with other ingredients of your choice. This may even be very useful for people with allergies who need to be sure your meats do not contain certain preservatives or ingredients that can cause health problems.

The differences between a normal lawn mower and a front-self-propelled lawn mower

How a lawn mower engine works

The internal combustion engine that powers a typical lawn mower is identical in its operating principles of the internal combustion engine in your car. However, the lawn mower engine is much smaller, less powerful and much simpler in design than the typical automobile engine, which makes it easier to control, maintain and repair.


In lawn mowers without an electric starter, a rewind cord is pulled to start the motor running. When the cord is given a sharp tug, the motor rotates the flywheel, a heavy wheel with magnets embedded in it which is attached to the crankshaft of the engine. As the flywheel rotates, the magnets produce an electric current which is sent to the spark plug. The spark plug provides a spark that ignites the fuel in the cylinder of the engine, the start of the process of combustion and the start of the engine. In mowers with an electric starter, a starter motor does the work of the cord rewind.

Fuel and carburetor

When the engine is running, the fuel is coming from the fuel tank via a fuel line and carburetor. The carburettor is a device that mixes the fuel with air, and introduces the mixture through an intake manifold into the cylinder of the engine. The airflow (and, indirectly, fuel) is arranged in the carburettor by a throttle valve, which is manually manipulated by the user or automatically operated to maintain the engine at a constant speed.

Compression and ignition

If the air-fuel mixture enters into the cylinder via an inlet valve, it is compressed by an upward stroke of the piston. This compression of the fuel mixture will burn fuel more efficiently. After the mixture is compressed, the spark plug fires, igniting the fuel mixture burst in a burst of rapidly expanding gas. The expanding gas forces the piston downward, whereby the crankshaft, wherein the piston is connected to, rotates. The crankshaft is in turn rotates blade of the mower. Bottom of each stroke of the piston momentum carries it up again, from the compression and ignition process again.

Lubrication and cooling

The movement of the engine generates a lot of friction and heat that would quickly destroy the engine if it is not for the lubrication and cooling. Lubrication is of oil in the sump at the base of the motor. Plastic paddles attached to the crankshaft pull oil from the crankcase and provided by the engine. Heat from the engine is absorbed by metal fins on the cylinder head, cylinder block and flywheel which surface area increase and optimize the air flow around the hot engine parts.

How a Front-self-propelled lawn mower works

Although often significantly more expensive than their non-powered cousins, front wheel self propelled lawn mowers become quite common for one simple reason: they often make odious task of mowing the lawn easier. With a conventional mower, the operator generates all the power to move the machine around the yard, with nothing but good old sweat equity and muscles. The best self propelled lawn mower has a shaft diverts in the engine power which gives the rotation to the wheels, just like a car.

Internal Combustion Engine

At the heart of the forward movement of a driven lawn mower is the internal combustion engine which is originally made only for rotating blade which cuts the grass flow. Somewhere along the way, someone on the bright idea to be a part of the power generated by the rotating shaft to move to the front two wheels, reducing the amount of muscle power needed to reduce maintain a lawn. Using a single stroke, gas-powered engine for this purpose was a real genius.

The variable speed

Some operated lawn mowers have only a single speed. As soon as the bar is depressed, it takes off, and moves at a constant speed, regardless of what is released to the beam. Something fancier and more expensive is the variable speed version, which the operator to determine how much power is used to make the drivetrain and wheels. Barely pushing the bar only to move the mower a bit by providing a small amount of power. The mower moves quickly if the bar is pressed exponentially more.

Tips to rent canopy and marquee

You decided to get home and to widen the space of your home. It is a good idea because hold at home a very personal celebration in a cheap popup canopies for sale

A canopy will be perfect.

  • When you imagine the space: Do not believe that you need a one-hectare garden to rent a canopy: a terrace enough.
  • If it is a wedding, it is important to provide two spaces (this can be an area that splits into two, and then opens) because people invited to the reception often linger a bit later than expected. Meanwhile, the caterer is impatient because he wants to set the tables. A second space thus avoids some stress.
  • Also plan two circuits: one for guests, one for staff: thus, no risk of telescoping!
  • Think (unfortunately) at the end of the party: if one sees from the people, it could trigger a near-general starting. So expect the locker room to the private.
  • It is best to install the canopy closest to the road: in fact, the material must be carried from the truck to the intended location, and the total weight to wrestle up to 45 tons!
  • Remember to organize a briefing between the various stakeholders of your party, about a month before the date.

Renting a canopy for a summer garden party? Our tips for the outdoor event no downside!

The mild weather is very often synonymous with barbecues and garden parties. Whether it’s a small summer family gathering or celebration to mark the end of the studies, renting a canopy for a reception in the backyard is very popular. Dreams of paintings, which specializes in the rental of the canopy, gives you tips for a successful event in the garden.

Book your garden marquee in advance and choose a size for the outside space

A colorful canopy for your summer holidays in jardinVoici valuable advice to delight your guests at the reception outdoors:

  • Book your party canopy in advance. Certain dates during the summer, are highly prized for the organization of a festival canopy in a small committee. It is, therefore, advisable to go well in advance (roughly two months) to reserve his canopy. As the saying goes, the sooner, the better!
  • Depending on the number of guests, choose small capitals. A canopy, it’s not always a large structure, as is often imagined. Know that there are festive canopy small sizes for your family gathering or friends. A marquee 36 or 45 square meters is more than enough.

Colorful decorations and balloons to give a festive look to the reception canopy

To decorate your garden marquee, the idea is to attach colorful balloons there. Garlands or in clusters, they will give a festive style to the marquee. To illuminate the canopy in the evening, garlands of small LED lights (like those that decorate the Christmas tree) will illuminate your canopy and your night party. Feel free, also, to have the cloths of various colors on the tables.

Rent canopy even in winter?

We know everyone or almost wants to marry in spring or summer!
If this is your case will require that you book the rental of the canopy a year in advance!
You have any interest to select a date in the low season, i.e., in autumn or winter.

Here are some good reasons:

  • You will have all the possibilities and availability.
  • The dentist will work for you: he will imagine the best decoration, which, incorporating existing elements will your worth celebrating.
  • You can get serious price discounts.
  • Rest assured: the canopy are hot, and there are no drafts!

Steps to rent a canopy

First, we calculate the volume of your canopy according to different criteria:

  • Place and ease that you want to reserve your guests.
  • The space to be given to the buffets, with the possible dance floor and possible addiction.

Finally, we take into account our budget. For example, for a simple appetizer, it takes 1 to 3m per person. However, for a meal at the table (Brewing or round), it is preferable to be between 0.70 and 1.5m² per person. If you want to set up a dance floor, the ideal is to have 1 to 2 square meters per person.

It is essential that you contact a dedicated professional who can advise you best to install your tent. Ask for a quote by sending the number of guests and dates you would like to rent and they will provide accurate and detailed answer. Whether you want to rent for an afternoon, an evening, a weekend or for a longer period, they will meet your expectations.


Essential oil diffuser gives joy and health

A diffuser can create a peaceful and calming oasis anywhere and you get a little SPA feeling in everyday life. Moreover, it is incredibly healthful to use the diffuser with essential oils. You can really reap the therapeutic benefits of essential oils using the diffuser.


They are like drops of sunny energy. Essential oils contain hundreds of chemical constituents, which can have profound effects on health and well-being:


Fill your home with the delicious fragrance, and in addition, you get health benefits from it. You can create a lovely atmosphere while you fight viruses and bacteria. A diffuser is an excellent way to take advantage of essential oils. Although I use the diffuser for the most part, both at home and in my clinic.I actually have a book I’ve written down mixtures I even love. All of be happy, to calm down after work, and goodnight mixtures. I have mixtures I use to clean the air at home and in the clinic. Nothing is better than a proper clean air for airborne bacteria when it goes flu. I have mixtures of different seasons, and especially for different clients. I have clients that have everything from asthma, headaches, sadness to depression and anxiety. Now that it is the weekend so I think it fits with this mixture:


  • 3 drops bergamot
  • 2 drops of geranium
  • 3 drops of lavender

Bergamot (CITRUS bergamia) is a refreshing oil. It runs mainly on the nervous system and is a tonic for the nerves. It is invigorating, yet not over stimulating. It’s a super oil to use in conjunction with stress, and you are really annoyed one day; this is oil can then use. Bergamot is a lovely oil to use if you are irritable and overworked. So yes, this oil promises certainly mood.

Geraniums (Pelargonium graveolens) is a cooling and balancing oil. It soothes the nervous system, and is Kjempefin by restlessness. Geranium freshens you up, get you to relax, let go of things and not least enjoy life.

Lavender (Lavendula augustifolia) is a regulating oil that elevates mood. It regulates mood swings. It is an oil that helps you to accept yourself as you are and makes you better appreciate yourself. Even so, I love citrus oils, and it is them that make me most happy. I often use different citrus mixtures in my diffuser.


  • 3 drops grapefruit
  • 3 drops appelsinppelsin
  • 2 drops of lime

Grapefruit (CITRUS PARADISI) is a delicious and refreshing oil. It can alleviate the anger and irritability. It seems wonderful invigorating. Grapefruit will help you to improve your self-esteem, help you become stronger and take more positive attention to yourself.

Orange (CITRUS sinensis) is an absolutely lovely and comfortable oil. For me it is impossible not to be fond of it. It is an excellent oil to stress. It is an oil that makes you more positive and purposeful.

Lime (CITRUS AURANTIFOLIA) is a wonderful uplifting oil. It is refreshing, promotes concentration and gives clear thoughts. Lime strengthens the nerves and makes you happy. Hope you now got the inspiration to use your diffuser.


I wrote a thought fatigue recipe for diffuser yesterday, and today you get one. There are in fact a lot of thought fatigue oils that go in my diffuser day. Fortunately I’ve oils for it.

  • 2 drops of basil
  • 2 drops of lemon
  • 2 drops rosemary

BASIL acts primarily on the nervous system. It has a balancing, invigorating and strengthening effect. A very good oil for thought fatigue. This is really a good oil if you have worn yourself out of work or studies, particularly in terms of work.

LEMON is refreshing and invigorating. When we are tired in tanks and difficult to concentrate, lemon is breathtaking in the diffuser. It sharpens alertness and increases efficiency when studying or working.

ROSEMARY is highly stimulating. It clears your head and enlivens the brain and promotes concentration and memory. As I have written many times before, Rosemary has helped me for reading countless exams over the years. I can also thank this oil a lot for all I remember about essential oils when I teach or give lectures.

All about pack and play for your baby

When you want to relax or you are busy to perform various tasks in your home, it is wise or even important to keep your baby in a comfortable and secure place. Baby pack and play is an area dedicated to children with at least six months in order to allow them to play safely during the time of your occupation. While all parents do not see the usefulness at first glance, this object is one of the keys when you have a child as working mothers. It is commercially available in various forms and multiple materials, you should know in order to better understand this article and buy one that actually suits you. For myself, I could not do nothing without my baby pack and play. I use a pack and play for my baby for a long time now, and I find that without it is a shame.


Usefulness of a baby pack and play

The question: whether the playpen is a useful accessory or not, the answers differ depending on the parents. Indeed, those who live in a large safe house with lots of children and pets do not see the usefulness of such an article since the baby has the ability to play in different ways. By cons, if you live alone or in pairs in a little secure apartment, the baby pack and play is essential. This accessory allows the baby to learn to play alone without you constantly be present. Over time, it allows your child to gradually build its autonomy and realize that he can do things by himself.

The infant pack and play also has a certain advantage for parents. Indeed, this secure space allows them to break free for several minutes to perform tasks such as cleaning, open to visitors, answering the phone or sitting for a while. It is, however, important to note that a baby pack and play is not a form of childcare or a place of exclusive play. The infant pack and play space is indeed a bit restricted and therefore greatly limits its driving experience. Also, do not forget to always talk and play with him a few moments when in the baby pack and play. This allows it to be assured of your presence and love. The infant pack and play should be regarded as a kind of support in your life.

Baby pack and play and the safety of children

With the baby pack and play, your child can play safely when acquiring, check that the baby pack and play marked “consistent with security requirements” (The playpens I tested are all certified course!). Usually, the material from which it is made does not affect safety. You can choose according to your convenience for a wooden or plastic pack and play. Nevertheless, barred models are better than those with sides in nets due to their ability to enable children to have a good view of the outside while on the premises. The opposite could not make them irritable and at ease. In addition, models with bars allow the child to better stand.

If you purchase a pack and play with wheels, first ensure that the brakes are functional goods. In case you decide to purchase a baby pack and play used, several precautions must be taken. First, you should take care to examine whether the baby pack and play is in good condition and always in compliance with safety standards. Next, check the cleanliness of the article because the child will sometimes tend to bite the sides. If the item is not unique, it is appropriate to make disinfection.

If you get the chance, check the instructions for use and the invoice. Since it includes the date of purchase, you can be sure of the age of the article. Once the purchase is made, it is advisable to install the pack and play in a place where the baby will not be able to achieve various external objects such as ornaments, wall outlets, and others. Finally, regularly check the floor mat and the state pack and play to prevent some accidents. To better enjoy your baby pack and play, there should be a choice that suits you. This is really the key point for me, and a lot of mom I guess security. We do not want to skimp on, and rightly so, we do not want to take any risks.

How to make your own essential oil diffuser

How to make an essential oil diffuser

One form of alternative medicine is using aromatherapy essential oils and other fragrances to improve mood and health. Essential oils are usually derived from plants, flowers and herbs, and they can be used with a diffuser, or added to massage oils, room sprays or a hot bath. Essential oils are highly concentrated and can fill a room with a beautiful fragrance when used with a diffuser. Diffusers come in a variety of styles, including lamp ring oil diffusers, reed diffusers and heated oil dish diffusers.


• Purchase essential oils in a natural food store, fragrance store or online. Choose scents that you normally enjoy, and that will help to create the mood that you are trying to achieve. For example, peppermint and citrus scents known to be uplifting, while lavender and chamomile is thought to encourage relaxation.

Add 20 to 30 drops of each essential oil you choose to combine in a dark glass bottle. If you choose fewer than four scents, you should use 40 to 50 drops of each fragrance. You can experiment with fragrances by placing a drop of each type of essential oil that you intend to spend on a piece of paper before you mix a whole bottle to make sure you like the resulting scent.

• Screw the lid on the bottle and shake vigorously to mix the oils together.

Open the bottle and waft the aroma from the nose to get an accurate sense of scent you have created. Generally, fragrances involving several oils blended in even proportions. However, if the smell is not to your liking, you may have to add several more drops of an essential oil until you get the right balance. When you do, shake the bottle again to mix scents.

Use the essential oil you have created in your diffuser. You only need about five to ten drops to generate a lovely fragrance throughout the room. You can also add oil to a bubble bath or massage oil.

Tips and Warnings

To help you decide which oils to buy and combine, experiment with scents that are on display in the store where you buy the essential oils. There is usually a glass wand attached to the lid of the large display bottles; by keeping several wands to your nose, you can determine whether a scent combination that works for you without actually having to mingle scent. Try more combinations until you find one that suits you.

Search the types of essential oils that are available for purchase to understand the characteristics of each fragrance. This will help you to choose the ideal scent or fragrance combination. Do not dilute the essential oil, which will weaken the overall effect of the oil.

How to make a nebulizing essential oil diffuser

An aromatherapy diffuser makes essential oils to be released into the air like a scent. Aromatherapy can also connect different essential oils with ailments as an alternative medical treatment. By following a few simple steps, you can make your own essential oil diffuser.


Mix your essential oils in mineral oil in a measuring cup with a pour spout. Add about 12 drops of essential oils to every quarter cup of mineral oil. Then add a quarter teaspoon of vodka and mix. Essential oils can be mixed as you wish. For example, six drops of lavender mixed with six drops of chamomile.

Pour oil into glass bottles, so that there is about one or two inches of oil on the bottom of the bottle. The ideal glass bottle will be between four and six inches tall with a broad base and narrow neck. Replace reed or bamboo skewers into the bottle. Starting with 6.4 reed and adjust depending on the size of the bottle.

Flip the reeds every few days to increase oil saturation. Carefully remove one rod at a time and add the dry end into the oil. Repeat for each reed. This prevents over-saturation of one end of the reed and causing it to deteriorate prematurely. Fill the bottle with oil as necessary.

Tips and Warnings

Note that the goal is to allow as much air as possible to reach the oil. Avoid using too many reeds or too much oil, which will constrict airflow and reduce efficiency of the diffuser.

Choosing the pack and play for the baby? Easy or difficult?

Select the pack and play is not easy. Should it be wood? Net? Where should we place it? And what are the safety rules? If all safety rules are observed, the pack and plays assure it a safe area in which it can play or sleep while parents are busy. Available in different models, it is the emerging children to toddlers 22 months.

The types of pack and play

Folding pack and play

There are various types of pack and play. Some are collapsible, much like a fence, therefore, easy to transport. You can find wood, with or without background. However, they tend to drag on the floor when the child is based on one of its sides. Some also have a thin mattress.

Folding pack and play with net

The second family of pack and play consists of models covered in netting or fabric on the sides. If there is a net pen, make sure the stitches are very small, a bit like a mosquito net. They take up more space than the timber pack and play, are often equipped with several gadgets and degrade more quickly. Some models are supported by wheels that facilitate transport. These must, however, be equipped with brakes to avoid accidents.


All parks, without exception, must be higher than 60 cm and have obtained government certification (CSA in Canada). In fact, a simple rule applies: choose the pack and play depending on the space you have. But beware, before you get a pack and play or use someone else’s child, you should consider various elements. Observe the selected pack and play carefully. Check if there has been a recall

The pack and play must be equipped with a label indicating the manufacturer, date of manufacture and model. You can also check on the Internet. Then enter the manufacturer name and model number to get the relevant information.

Rigorous assembly

Read the instructions. Here you will find information on its operation, as well as the manufacturer’s recommendations with respect to age and baby weight for a safe use. Also, make sure that the pack and plays are well assembled. You probably do not want that baby is injured.


Once solidly assembled pack and play, check the strength of the walls and / or the net. If the stitches are too wide, the elements of her clothes (buttons / pins) could become trapped. The risk of strangulation is multiplied. Immediately discard parks including the fillet, trim and / or the mattress (if any) are damaged. Baby might be tempted to tear off pieces with his teeth. He could choke.

Mattresses in good condition: if your fleet is equipped with a mattress, make sure it retains its firmness. If not, throw it away or recycle it. Remember, never buy the used mattress in a yard sale or flea market, you could end up with a bedbug colony.

And security

You have made your choice. You will now make sure that baby can move into its new pack and play, without risking injury or worse. You will have to check various items before placing your offspring.

  • Never leave baby unattended in a pack and play whose sides are lowered.
  • Make sure the sides are well mounted and locked.
  • If the park has a changing table, never leave your kid in the playground before removing the changing table or bassinet.
  • Never let sleeping baby on a changing table that clings to a pack and play.
  • Stay away from the pack and play of a window. The baby could strangle on the cord of the blind.
  • Similarly, the baby should not wear necklace, scarf or cord around the neck when playing in the park. They may choke.
  • Also, avoid putting a pillow, blanket or an extra mattress in the pack and play.
  • The park should be installed away from furniture, doors, staircases, and appliances.
  • Remove any mobile or toy placed across the pack and play as soon as baby starts to stand on his arms and knees.
  • Finally, avoid placing large toys or big stuffed animals in the pack and play. Baby could use them to climb and attempt to leave the pack and play.
    Taking care to observe the basic rules and safety instructions, you will allow baby to play safely in their new park. But never release your watch: an accident happens so quickly.

Top 10 Essential Oils Used in Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has been used for thousands of years to improve the pharmaceutical properties. However, nowadays we know a lot more variety of essential oils and how they can be used to improve physical and mental health and to restore the balance of the whole body. Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine, which is classified as an herbal remedy. Unlike herbal medicine, aromatherapy herbs are not taken internally; rather, essential oils are inhaled or on the skin. When essential oils are used the correct ingredients, dilutions and preparations are vital to the effectiveness of aromatherapy. Essential oils of several techniques such as massage, spa, steam inhalations, vaporizers, creams, lotions, shampoos, gels, gargles, mouthwashes, and hot or cold compresses can be used.

In determining the appropriate essential oil (as well as carrier oil if applied directly to the skin) for your symptoms or medical condition requires. If you are unsure of what you are doing, the best is to contact your local aroma therapist to get help. Each essential oil has its own healing properties and aromas. So try to find out which suits you best by looking up Essential oil diffusers reviews. Each type appeals to different scents, therefore, not all essential oils works for each individual.

Here you will find a list of the top 10 essential oils.


Peppermint is best known for its medicinal digestive problems, such as slow digestion, indigestion, diarrhea, nausea, and flatulence. It is a refreshing and stimulating the liver, intestines and nervous system. As an analgesic, it can treat headaches, toothaches, and muscle aches.


Eucalyptus is a powerful decongestant treatment of respiratory problems such as coughs, colds, asthma, lung infections, and sinusitis. It relieves inflammation, lowers fever, treats skin infections, and eases the pain of burns. It relieves muscle tension, treats rheumatism and fibroids. It strengthens the immune system, which stimulates new tissue formation, and diuretic properties.

Ylang ylang

ylang ylang is a sedative, antidepressant, and tonic for the nervous system. It treats depression, anxiety, tension, irritability, insomnia and stress. It regulates the circulatory system and balances the body’s activities, such as lower blood pressure and slows the heart rate and breathing.


Geranium oil is generally considered to be feminine because it balances female hormones. It can also deal with PMS and menopausal problems Geranium is a relaxing, refreshing and uplifting and symptoms of apathy, anxiety, stress, hyperactivity and depression. it balances the skin and can relieve acne, diaper rash, burns, blisters, eczema, cuts and congested pores.


Lavender has a soothing, calming, relaxing, antidepressant. It has antiseptic, antibacterial, and analgesic treatment of cuts, wounds, burns, bruises, spots, allergies, insect bites, and throat infections. Lavender has a balancing effect, reducing blood pressure, ease digestive spasms, nausea, and indigestion. Lavender can take care of tension, depression, insomnia, headaches, stress and hypertension.


Lemon stimulates the body to fight infections and treat inflamed gums, mouth ulcers, sore throat, and acne. Lemon fights colds, flu, and bronchitis. Lemon oil is a diuretic, laxative, and astringent. Its aromatic fragrance uplifts your mood and relaxes the nerves and break through depression, indecision, and anxiety. It can also be used as deodorizer and cleaning.

Clary Sage

clary sage is an antidepressant that deals with anxiety, depression, and stress-related problems. It can help relieve muscle aches, tension, and pain. It also regulates the nervous system and is beneficial to the digestive system by releasing digestive disorders, gastrointestinal cramps, and flatulence. Clary Sage can be used in skin astringent to remove excess oil. As an antibacterial, clary sage can take care of respiratory and throat infections.

Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil is tea tree filled with healing properties because of its antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial. Tea tree is used for many skin problems such as spots, acne, warts, athlete’s foot, rashes, insect bites, burns, and blisters. It can be used to clean cuts and infections of wounds and to assist healing process of scar tissue. Tea tree strengthens the immune system and reduces inflammation. It fights colds, flu, respiratory infections, and infectious diseases. It promotes relaxation to help you fall asleep and balances hormones in the body.


Roman Chamomile is soothing, relaxing, oil, which helps insomnia, anxiety, muscle aches, tension, and stress. It is a valuable anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial. Chamomile can treat skin problems such as eczema, boils, allergies, insect bites, wounds, cuts, and infections. In addition, chamomile can relieve pain, headache, toothache, menstrual cramps, arthritis, neuralgia, indigestion, nausea, and flatulence.


Rosemary is refreshing and stimulating oil. It stimulates mental capacity, immune function, blood circulation and the digestive system. It is a tonic for the nervous system and acts as an antidepressant. It can relieve stress-related disorders and mental exhaustion. Antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, diuretic, and it can cleanse the body and relieve the pain. Digestive problems can relieve gastrointestinal spasms, flatulence, indigestion, and constipation.